Airport Disaster Alert System

Implementing off grid, secured, and coordinated operations system to enhance airport security




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A centralised and offgrid application was implemented which enables airport's teams to quickly manage airport resources based on the circumstances. This application streamlines and integrates various devices to avoid delays in response and make a real difference in the airport security system.

Business Requirement

The client was operating out of a military airbase and therefore couldn’t use an internet system. There was a need to have an alert system in place for security purposes.

The client had 500+ signboards on-site. Displaying a message to a set number of locations or detecting which signboard was not functional in real time it was a huge challenge.

Solution Offered

All the business requirements were met with a centralised application that reduced a lot of manual work.

A .NET Core MVC application was built which can communicate with a serial port.

Developed page to configure each hardware device like relay light, sign board, and radio to which it is connected

Main communication controller screen where you can send/disable messages and can turn light on or off.

The application offers a trading dashboard to track portfolio performance and analyse market fluctuations.

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Business Value