Invimatic accelerates Time-to-market, improves quality and productivity with our sophisticated DevSecOps processes.


In Today’s modern world, there is an absolute need of continuous and progressive build for an application delivery. There is an urge for an efficient and seamless system to be developed for any successful product development. Invimatic supports all the clients seeking DevSecOps services in finding a stable operation environment, achieve a shorter development cycle, and faster turnaround time. It is a well-known fact that all IT infrastructure needs to be constantly monitored for performance and maintained well for business continuity. Our DevSecOps team will continuously monitor the code and make sure of parallel quality testing to enhance the pace of the code delivery. We help our clients create projects, configure and support with security audits and solutions.

Why should you choose Invimatic for DevSecOps Implementation

  • Highly Transparent
  • Better Quality
  • Efficient Release Management
  • Better Communication

Technical Stack We Use:

  • Basecamp

  • Jira

  • Asana

  • Trello

DevSecOps Managed Service

A micro-services-based platform for simplifying and correlating user signals from product, engineering and operations so as to help support agents to proactively solve problems.

A Kubernetes based container orchestration, which is based on AWS Managed Kubernetes. A Terraform-based Infrastructure as Code, to quickly ramp up/down clusters. A git branching strategy and associated CI/CD pipeline using Code Build and Code Pipeline. Rolling Updates to decrease downtime, HPA and AWS Autoscale to scale up/down and to accommodate the varying needs. Pingdom, Health probes, Log Aggregate incidents for proactive support.

Technology We Used :

AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Pingdom

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