Product Engineering

Efficient software architecture acts as a blueprint for durable and maintainable products.

Architecture Consultation

Our technology groups consist of experts with niche architectural and design abilities whose job is to address the critical non-functional needs along with the essential functional needs of applications.

We provide architectural consultation in preview of the following aspects:

Over a long period of time, the software industry has seen a gigantic shift in the way software has been built. New techniques and strategies have evolved, which have tackled issues. Let’s take a look at different types of software architectures.

Client server architecture
Object oriented architecture
Domain driven architecture
Onion architecture
Service oriented architecture
Microservices architecture
Component based

We aim at providing a plan that is compliant, logical, and cost-effective. We help you define software architectures that meet current needs while remaining open to the possibilities and challenges in your business.

Our Success Stories

Cloud Based Algo Trading Platform

Devised an algo-trading platform for fund managers to validate scrips in future markets.

Industry worldwide has accepted Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning to create breakthrough products. It can be used in derivative markets to optimize algo trading and drastically reduce error in prediction signals.

An Angular-Spring application to perform algo trading using algos defined and Machine Learning pattern. The application is integrated with Zerodha API to do the trading calculation. It sets the background jobs which will run the algorithms. The application is deployed in Digital Ocean platform.

Technology We Used :

JAVA, Spring Framework, Angular, mongoDB.

In Software Engineering, it is essential to put the best brains on visualizing the product on various critical factors – customers, users, competitors, market, quality and cost.

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We help you build a functionally-rich intranet application that could be used to automate your business processes or a very interactive, consumer-facing application.


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