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Team setup & Fundraising

Building a business is hard and it becomes harder if you do not have the right team along with you. It is important to have a strong foundation to meet the challenges but it is equally important to know the right metrics of your team. The factors such as your core skills and that of the co-founder(s) will decide the future of the business. Hence, allow our product consultants to help you decide the team which is a best fit by using our most useful frameworks.

Invimatic can help you build an insanely great founding team and learn the tips of fundraising through intact frameworks.

Fundraising is the most enticing part for any new entrant into the business spectrum but have you ever realized investors don’t build businesses, they just enter and exit as they need return. Invimatic will handhold you to decide on the most important factors such as:

  • Right time to Fundraising
  • Dynamics of Fundraising
  • Impact of Dilution
  • Pre-Money Valuation
  • ESOP Structure
  • Voting Rights

The most important factors to consider while you build a founding team:

  • Right time to Fundraising
  • Core Skill
  • Trust
  • Network
  • Commitment
  • Determination
  • Work
  • Ethics
  • Compatibility
  • Leadership
  • skills
  • Principles
  • Intelligence
  • Passion
  • Compassion


There are more than 223,000 unfilled coding jobs in the U.S. More than 91 percent of them are outside Silicon Valley. Most IT businesses…

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  • 22 May, 2021

In Software Engineering, it is essential to put the best brains on visualizing the product on various critical factors – customers, users, competitors, market, quality and cost.

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