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Our engineering teams are driven by the mantra “Learn Logic, Use Magic”. As we encourage our teams to use tools to enhance our engineering efficiency, we lay equal emphasis on learning the internals to handle situations that might appear difficult otherwise. Our thirst for learning never ends and we constantly equip our teams with know-how of the latest technologies. After all, our leadership is driven by technology. Our process of adoption is not mere enforcement. Rather, it is a systematic training of the subconscious state of our engineers to aim for shorter feedback loops and ensure better yield. Our teams truly believe in techniques like:

Our Success Stories

Automation Platform for Amazon Alexa Voice Test

Cloud-based, automated voice test application for US based client to support Amazon Alexa.

A Spring Boot-Angular platform was built where app developers can create tests and parameters. It is integrated with crowd sourcing to source testers. Deployed in AWS Elastic Beenstalk and integrated with Amazon Alexa API to perform tests.

Technology We Used :

Java, Spring Framework, Angular, logstash, kibana

In Software Engineering, it is essential to put the best brains on visualizing the product on various critical factors – customers, users, competitors, market, quality and cost.

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