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The Internet of things (IoT) refers to a web of many devices connected over internet so that they can be controlled from remote locations, using the Internet. As can be made out, these devices use a number of embedded software that employs actuators and sensors to collect information and give action commands, with minimal human intervention. IoT provides plethora of avenues for businesses to employ the technology to collect and analyze data from devices for product or service improvement and thereby progress towards excellence.

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We specialize in the following areas in IoT:

IoT Consulting

With our IoT Consulting wing, you can steer your organization’s digital transformation journey towards the future and be a catalyst for innovation in automation.

IoT Development

We assess and evaluate your automation needs that could be fulfilled using IoT and go on to develop solutions by transforming the physical into the digital. Out IoT development team is ready to create new solutions for our customers’ specific requirements and bring in the smart devices revolution by transforming the legacy products and applications into the next generation of intelligent devices.

IoT Integrations

We assist businesses and organizations in the Integration of their IoT systems. Invimatic’s IoT arm is powered by engineers with IoT certifications and hands-on expertise. On the data front, we have skilled and experienced data scientists with sound domain knowledge.

IoT Managed Services

We assist our customers in managing their IoT assets with the help of our asset management professionals who have the capability to monitor the assets, maintain them, and provide the visibility as desired by our customers.

Process we follow:

Our Success Stories

Airport Disaster Alert System

IoT, Sign boards and display lights to send messages from a centralised application.

By using IoT solution we achieved a requirement of a project which was to send messages to multiple locations simultaneously without the internet. The client was able to save a lot of time by automatically identifying and repairing a non-functional signboard as opposed to going through a manual process of doing so.

Technology We Used :

Microsoft SQL Server, C#, .Net Core, Microsoft IIS

In Software Engineering, it is essential to put the best brains on visualizing the product on various critical factors – customers, users, competitors, market, quality and cost.

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We help you build a functionally-rich intranet application that could be used to automate your business processes or a very interactive, consumer-facing application.


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