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Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through learning from the data parsed, collected or analysed. It is vital to have the data flow uninterrupted. Sources of data could be mobility or IoT devices, websites, applications, logs, and anywhere it is captured or stored. Since he data is always in a state of change or processing, so is the need to get the latest data and forms in which it has been transformed or represented. Machine learning offers several advantages in software development. It makes coding more efficient. Machine learning can also be used for data and infrastructure management, automated programming, and for spotting vulnerabilities in software.

“Invimatic uses deep learning, natural language processing & neural networks that help to replicate human decision making and allow the solutions to learn in real-time.”

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Smart Machine Learning Applications

Invimatic offers tech solutions that enable our clients to leverage the power of machine learning in their products and services.

Our machine learning development team can create solutions that can facilitate automation across your organization’s business processes. This would result in improving customer satisfaction levels and taking your business to the next level of productivity and profitability.

Predictive Analysis

With predictive analysis, organizations achieve the power of forecasting outcomes and thereby achieve better results by taking pre-emptive steps to boost quality and realize higher rewards and returns.

Our machine learning solutions help you parse through the past customer records to study the trends and behaviors, which empowers your decision-making ability with profitable insights.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Organizations across the world are try to communicate more with their customers to learn about their choices. Such studies are not always directed to the customers. Monitoring customers’ peer interactions related to their needs can provide actionable insights too. Since languages play a vital role, therefore the need of the hour is to utilize the NLP capabilities to process customer data into vital decision-making metrics.

Further, with the combination of machine and artificial intelligence, our machine learning team can build such applications and solutions that simplify your business processes faster.

Deep Learning

With Deep learning, businesses are making a way towards transformation in not just their business processes but also the products and services that will be in demand as we progress into future.

With Invimatic’s Deep Learning solutions, we empower our customers with insights that implore them to make bold decisions about their business strategies. Empowered by the disrupting insights, these decisions may be as radical as moving into new industry verticals or creating new product lines altogether. If not that, they could be about changing business models or operational framework to save costs and be leaner.

How does it work

The reason why you should choose Invimatic over others for ML & Data Intelligence services is that our team does a complete analysis of the needs and requirements of your organization. We provide you with qualified resources to determine your ML models. Moreover, our team ensures the timely delivery of your projects.

Our Success Stories

Activity Scheduler

In Activity Scheduler, we create Activity, select type of resources we need and assigned resources. This help Activity Scheduling task to work digitally. Followed Coding standards and business logic is unit tested. We used syncfusion components for achieving scheduler UI and functionality. For customizing syncfusion component we have spent lots of time doing POC’s to our required formats. Also got help from Syncfusion forum.

Activity Scheduler helped for managing activities and resources from any geographical Zones with different date and time format. For Scheduling and re-scheduling Activity we used Drag and drop functionality.

Technology We Used :

ReactJs, Syncfusion React UI Components (, Twitter Bootstrap, FontAwesome, React Redux

In Software Engineering, it is essential to put the best brains on visualizing the product on various critical factors – customers, users, competitors, market, quality and cost.

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