Product Engineering

A Robust testing environment leverages your product function smoothly under all circumstances.

Quality Assurance

While our product engineering team focuses on building the thing right using various verification techniques, our quality assurance team focuses on building the right thing by adding validation to the development life cycle. The quality assurance team views the system under test as a black box and tries to bring an external perspective to discover scenarios that are beyond the engineering team’s beliefs but important. While the validation of a system can be performed in multiple dimensions, here are some significant tests that we perform as a part of our system testing group.

For project maintenance and modernisation needs, the quality assurance team plays a vital role by starting the engagement and turning into a knowledge hub for the development teams.

Our Success Stories

A web-based printing platform for enterprises

This platform for the enterprises, which have no. Of printers at many locations and need to print predefined label (bill) with dynamic data at any on the locations.

There were multiple challenges in storing state thus we used redux to store the state of the windows and the state of the objects in side widows so that even if you move away from one page to another windows state is maintained.

Technology We Used :

HTML5, CSS3, ReactJs, Typescript, RappidJs, Redux

In Software Engineering, it is essential to put the best brains on visualizing the product on various critical factors – customers, users, competitors, market, quality and cost.

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