cloud based sso

Cloud-based SSO

Get easy and secure access to all your application from anywhere, anytime.

July 1, 2023
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Our cloud-based SSO provides access management solutions to all your applications, connecting them together through a common Secure Single-sign-on platform. It safeguard’s your organisation data, simplifies the user management system and enhances the overall security of the system.

Streamline the workflow of your business

Invimatic provides an easy solution for your business to manage access controls, provisions, permissions, and passwords from a centralised platform. With simple easy steps, connect all your on and off-premise applications and allocate access permissions. Our SSO solution increases security and enhances the user experience of a business.

Secure access to all business applications with one set of credential

Easy access is the need of the hour for a business. If employees have to log in every time they switch from one application to another to perform a task, things become too tedious, right? With the Invimatic SSO authentication solution, you can easily switch between applications with a single set of credentials, without having to log in to each application. It saves time and resources in recovering lost passwords, enabling efficiency and higher productivity.

Benefits of cloud-based SSO

Easy setup - Configuring and enabling SSO authentication is very simple. Connect all the applications that you manage with just a few clicks.

Improve security- By allowing access to all business applications to end users with one set of credentials, you can reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

Unified Log-In- Using the SSO solution, you can access all the websites and on and off-premise applications with a single set of credentials. With a single tool fulfil all the needs of your access management needs.

Enhance User experience- SSO allows you to access all the applications with just a single login. This means you can enhance employee satisfaction while reinforcing your security.

Lower IT costs- Having to manage multiple credentials of employees for different applications in the system can be a big headache for businesses. SSO lowers the need for password resets, thus lowering the IT costs of a business.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and get a demo of our cloud-based SSO solution. Frequently Asked Question.
1. Is SSO safe?

Yes. Secure SSO allows users to get access to all the applications with a single set of passwords, thereby reducing the chance of data breaches Additionally, SSO transfers passwords in an encrypted form(tokens) to prevent any form of cyberattacks.

2. What is the difference between SSO and FIM?
The difference between SSO and FIM is in the scope of the application. In a sense, SSO is a subset of FIM. SSO enables easy access management solutions to a single organisation, whereas, FIM enables access management solutions to various applications across different organisations.

3. How can I learn more about Invimatic SSO solutions?
Contact us and get a demo from us and we will address all your needs regarding access management issues of your business.

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