Case Studies

Cryptocurrency Investment Tool

Cryptocurrency investment always tends to be overwhelming because of the diversified options available in the market. It is also difficult to track the minimum investment requirement for all Cryptocurrencies, their conversions and overall profit and loss..

Airport Disaster Alert System

IoT, Sign boards and display lights to send messages from a centralised application. By using IoT solution we achieved a requirement of a project which was to send messages to multiple locations simultaneously without the internet. The client was able to save a lot of time by automatically identifying and repairing a non-functional signboard as opposed to going through a manual process of doing so..

Automatic User Validation Platform

Digital CID Helps the end user to validate the identity of a person so check if the user is a legit user or not. It has the ability to prove that a person is who they say they are via electronic means, which gives the necessary trust to use the Internet as an effective platform to convert clients..