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Cryptocurrency Investment Tool

Simplifying crypto investment with intuitive user interface, Which gives user the power to decide how user want to invest across users diversified portfolio.

By using this tool user can choose in which cryptocurrency he/she want to invest. User can track overall profit or loss in a detailed chart. Invimatic helped making it easy to purchase cryptocurrencies consistently over time. Automatic recurring deposits improve long-term results.

Technology We Used :

Java, React native

Outbound Call Center Platform

It is a telemarketing lead generation platform where an agent calls the prospect to generate leads for the campaigns. Implemented PLIVO voice platform in the application using JAVA SDK.

Reduced the number of service calls to the backend from UI, Removed unnecessary service calls, Reduced the size of objects which travel in the network. To speed up the performance of the supervisor screen. The roles like Campaign manager, Supervisor, Agent, Primary QA, Secondary QA created through excel file

Technology We Used :

Angular JS, Spring MVC 4.0.5, MongoDB, twilio, plivo, TELNYX, ThinQ

Airport Disaster Alert System

IoT, Sign boards and display lights to send messages from a centralised application.

By using IoT solution we achieved a requirement of a project which was to send messages to multiple locations simultaneously without the internet. The client was able to save a lot of time by automatically identifying and repairing a non-functional signboard as opposed to going through a manual process of doing so.

Technology We Used :

.Net Core MVC

Automation Platform For Amazon Alexa Voice Test

Cloud-based, automated voice test application for US based client to support Amazon Alexa.

A Spring Boot-Angular platform was built were app developers can create tests and parameters. It is integrated with crowd sourcing to source testers. Deployed in AWS Elastic Beenstalk and integrated with Amazon Alexa API to perform tests.

Technology We Used :

Java, Spring Framework, Angular, logstash, kibana

A webbased printing platform for enterprises

This platform for the the enterprises, which have no. Of printers at many locations and need to print predefined label (bill) with dynamic data at any on the locations.

There were multiple challenges in storing state thus we used redux to store the state of the windows and the state of the objects in side widows so that even if you move away from one page to another windows state is maintained.

Technology We Used :

HTML5, CSS3, ReactJs, Typescript, RappidJs, Redux

Automotive trading platform

This platform offers Dealers an interactive and fully encompassing automotive trading platform, connecting authorized buyers and sellers from all over the world in an end-to-end, full-service trading solution.

This helps users to expand their automotive trading business on a global level. With 24/7 access, Dealers have the freedom to trade anytime and anywhere in the automotive trading platform digital marketplace. With 24/7 access, Dealers have the freedom to trade anytime and anywhere in the automotive trading platform digital marketplace.

Technology We Used :

React Native

DevSecOps Managed Service

A micro-services based platform for simplifying and correlating user signals from product, engineering and operations so as to help support agents to proactively solve problems.

A kubernetes based container orchestration, which is based on AWS Managed Kubernetes. A Terraform based Infrastructure as Code, to quickly ramp up/down clusters. A git branching strategy and associated CI/CD pipeline using Code Build and Code Pipeline. Rolling Updates to decrease downtime, HPA and AWS Autoscale to scale up/down and to accommodate the varying needs. Pingdom, Health probes, Log Aggregate incidents for proactive support.

Technology We Used :

AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Pingdom

Activity Scheduler

In Activity Scheduler, we create Activity, select type of resources we need and assigned resources. This help Activity Scheduling task to work digitally. Followed Coding standards and business logic is unit tested. We used syncfusion components for achieving scheduler UI and functionality. For customizing syncfusion component we have spent lots of time doing POC’s to our required formats. Also got help from Syncfusion forum.

Activity Scheduler helped for managing activities and resources from any geographical Zones with different date and time format. For Scheduling and re-scheduling Activity we used Drag and drop functionality.

Technology We Used :

ReactJs, Syncfusion React UI Components (ej2.syncfusion.com), Twitter Bootstrap, FontAwesome, React Redux

Railcar Maintenance & Service Platform

An application to track the status of the repair request with robust features and better performance. Migrated the application from classic ASP web forms to Angular - .Net MVC application along with database stored procedures optimization.

This resulted in better performance and responsive interface to track status. these changes increases the application performance more than 50%. While Creating the radio we also provide multi-select and select signs and light to configure radio with radio name and Id. User can edit and delete radio any time as situations

Technology We Used :

Asp.Net, SQL Server, C#, Angular, SVN, git

Cloud Based Algo Trading Platform

Devised an algo-trading platform for fund managers to validate scrips in future markets.

Industry worldwide has accepted Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning to create breakthrough products. It can be used in derivative markets to optimize algo trading and drastically reduce error in prediction signals.

An Angular-Spring application to perform algo trading using algos defined and Machine Learning pattern. The application is integrated with Zerodha API to do the trading calculation. It sets the background jobs which will run the algorithms. The application is deployed in Digital Ocean platform.

Technology We Used :

JAVA, Spring Framework, Angular, mongoDB.

Blockchain Based Supply Chain Platform

A blockchain based digitized ecosystem is designed which acts as a digital aggregator between the shipper and the shipment industry wherein the shipper could directly find the shipment schedules, book the consignments, make the payment and export or import their commodities thus, eliminating the freight forwarders and reducing the manual work involved.

Client is a carrier & industry neutral, multi sided dominant platform aiming towards creating multiple network effects via end to end digitization of supply chains of the participants The platform is being created on Blockchain technologies and would facilitate all small and large customers within the freight industry benefit from this product.

Technology We Used :

ReactJS, HTML & SCSS, ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL