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Cryptocurrency investment always tends to be overwhelming because of the diversified options available in the market. It is also difficult to track the minimum investment requirement for all Cryptocurrencies, their conversions and overall profit and loss. Elevatyr solves this problem by taking care of all investment-related processes so users can benefit from crypto trading without any challenges. Invimatic team set about building a platform that delivered a simple crypto-trading platform that enables users to invest easily.

Business Requirement

Building a mobile-based Cryptocurrency Investment platform that enables users to intelligently trade cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), etc.

Eliminating the common investing challenges and providing users with a platform that is secure and full-fledged.

Solution Offered

From the cloud to the edge, we solved investing challenges, simplified security, and leveraged efficiency.

We built a cross-functional React native application integrated with an external crypto exchange system to make investing less daunting for the users.

The application has microservice architecture implemented in the backend with a cloud solution powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft App Centre enabled app distribution and analytics, while data retrieval was taken care of using GDAX Exchange.

The application offers a trading dashboard to track portfolio performance and analyse market fluctuations.

Tech Stack

User flow


Business Value

Makes it simple for users to transact cryptocurrencies on a regular basis and track portfolio growth.

Threat modelling mitigated all security potential risks that simplified security for the users.

Customers can purchase cryptocurrencies with a bare minimum amount of $10

Portfolio diversification eliminates the risk factor for users by balancing price movements.